The story of our company began more than 30 years ago when our founder, Galen Walters launched his first retail-focused company, Ad Plex. In 2007, Go Think! was formed to provide consultation & applications to support retailers in their transition from analog to digital. As the retail shopper continued to evolve, so did our company and our services. Many things have changed since we first began, but our vision remains intact. We are still hyper-focused on shoppers and our client’s results. Today, Relationshop® provides a platform, shopper tools and programs so you can easily manage your digital relationship with shoppers.

Our team has years working inside retail. We have developed solutions that personalize the shopper experience and create a deeper relationship. We have proven that using our tools delivers shoppers more relevant and personalized offers resulting in increased sales, larger transaction sizes and improved customer loyalty.

Today is the most exciting and dynamic time for retail and Relationshop® is the partner that can help you navigate the digital journey and achieve omni-channel personalization with real results.


We are obsessed with hiring the best and brightest experts.  Our leadership team is unmatched for experience in Retail Marketing, data science, technology and loyalty.

Galen Walters


Lan Nguyen

COO, Co-Founder Relationshop®
Board of Directors

Randy Crimmins

Chief Strategy Officer

Board of Directors

Frank Flannery

Chief Technology Officer

Monica Schierbaum

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Sorrentino

Co-Founder of Go Think!

Jared Van Bruaene

EVP Creative

Charles Ingram

VP Software & Quality Assurance

Jonathan Abdalla

VP, Business Analysis

Casey Lintner

VP, Customer Solutions

Susheel Philip

VP, Insights & Analytics

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