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Connected Commerce

Customers Expect It. Relationshop Delivers It.

Our context-driven Digital Experience Platform simply asks, “How would you like to shop today?” Online now, in store next.  Party tray and custom cake for the weekend or pizza for the team.  Any or all– right in the app.

Connected Commerce

» Pickup & Delivery

» Catering & Carryout

» Scan & Go

» Online Cake Ordering

Pickup & Delivery

Integrated platform facilitates a unified shopping experience within single site/app; shop in-store or online, UX dynamically adjusts based on your store and preferred way to shop.

Relationshop Rewards Module

Catering & Carryout

Easy ordering from the website or app for party trays, meals, sandwiches, pizzas and more — even custom cakes for any occasion.  Order for one or the entire team, at home or on the go — our online ordering apps make it easy.

Carryout & Catering

Scan & Go

Integrated or stand-alone app, Scan & Go allows customers to enjoy the convenience and security of truly contactless shopping. Skip the line with “Scan & Go”.

Scan And Go

Online Cake Ordering

Our visual, order-build wizard makes ordering custom cakes, cupcakes and more a breeze.  Step-by-step process lets you view your cake as you build it, selecting the flavor, icing, borders– even a personal message.  Wow, your own custom cake creation all in the app!

Design A Cake

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