Making Convenience More Convenient

Drive Sales. Build Loyalty.

Get the App that does more and drive your customers from the pump to store. Relationshop’s industry leading mobile technology and digital solutions help increase trips, grow revenue and deliver loyal customers.

Customer Engagement


Engage shoppers with targeted offers, dynamic promotions and relevant content through our digital loyalty framework.  Customers earn points, redeem deals and track their reward “challenges” all from the app.


Algorithms deliver recommended deals, suggested items to try, and relevant content to each shopper. Curate the digital experience and deliver greater convenience and value based on what matters to “me”.

Data Analytics

Understand the full shopper journey with robust data management and individual activity tracking. Advanced analytics provide insights on trips/spend, promotions and digital engagement. 

Connected Commerce

Order Now

Order on the go or at the pump and pick up inside.  With Order Now you can create a custom sandwich, build your favorite pizza or grab dinner to go for the family– all in the app.


Truly contactless shopping provides convenience and security. Choose from a variety of integrated payment options. Your customers scan, order and pay in the app.  

Scan, Show & Go

Frictionless, touchless and fast. Deliver the ultimate in customer convenience, speed up the customer experience and improve labor efficiency with our scan, show & go technology.  

Personalized Engagement +
Connected Commerce

Do More with Relationshop’s Connected Commerce Tools.

Contextual Experience

As customers travel across stores, the UI contextually adjusts based on the local store format, services offered, customer persona and preferred way to shop.

Receipts on Demand

Solve the inconvenience associated with printer paper outs at the pump, and eliminate the need for paper receipts, with digital tracking of all purchases in store and on the app.

Dynamic Targeting

Drive the business and incremental spending with  automated, recurring programs and activity-based trigger messaging delivered through the app, mobile push, email and text/sms channels.

Monetize Content

Manage your digital shelf space with the shopper marketing monetization feature. Present personalized content, targeted ads, and new products in the app. Includes tracking and reporting from impression to transaction.

Build & Order Online

Drive your business during dinner daypart with easy-to-configure “Build Your Own” features. Easy ordering from the app for sandwiches, pizzas, chicken dinners and more – even add on dessert. Order for one or the entire family, at home or on the go – our online ordering app makes it easy. 

Scan, Show & Go

Frictionless, touchless and fast. Speed up the customer experience even more with scan, show & go technology– and improve labor efficiency while you’re at it. No hardware to purchase, it’s all ready to go– in the app.

Understand Your Customer

Analytics & Business Intelligence

DXP Workbench is your source to track, manage and view all your customer data. We track every impression, click, visit and transaction, giving your team the insights they need to manage your business, continuously improve performance and  strengthen relationships with your customers.

Go From Segmentation to Personalization

What Matters to Us

Males, age 21-35

What Matters to ME

Michael, 32

Our Order Management Console Keeps Your Teams in Control from Start to Finish

Relationshop’s Order Now App includes a robust, back–end order management tool built for tablet/mobile to allow your store teams to easily set up, configure and fulfill orders from anywhere in the store. Services and products are fully configurable by location to reflect each store’s specific offering. All order activity is automatically tracked with KPI dashboard views and reporting. 

Ready to Implement a New Level of Convenience?

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