Shopper Benefits
Retailer Benefits

Value For Shoppers

web and mobile experience Seamless, web and mobile experience
Real-time user experience Single Sign on offers real-time user experience across all devices
Personal Dashboard Personal Dashboard to track offers, historic spending, loyalty account/points and more
Relevant promotion Relevant promotion content serving up personalized offers, Digital Coupons, recommended ad items and more
Interactive weekly ads Interactive weekly ads, dynamic Shopping Lists and Online shopping capabilities
Meal Plans and Nutritional Recipes, Meal Plans and Nutritional content

Value For Retailer

Loyalty programs Seamlessly integrates promotions, loyalty programs, and third-party applications
Robust CMS tool Robust CMS tool to enable in-house teams to create and change content
API stack connects API stack connects to retailer POS/loyalty systems for real-time presentment of shopper and loyalty data
Online shopping Optional Online shopping solution for seamless user experience
Analyze and track Analyze and track on online behavior, promotional performance, purchase activity online and in-store


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