Shopper Benefits
Retailer Benefits

Value For Shoppers

Single platform delivers a seamless, connected web & mobile experience Single platform delivers a seamless, connected web & mobile experience
go-think-online-shopping Blended user experience to seamlessly shop in-store or online
Real-time user experience Relevancy engine serves up personalized content, offers & recommendations
Personal Dashboard Personal Dashboard tracks all spending, loyalty & promotions activity
Relevant promotion Interactive weekly ads, dynamic shopping lists & integrated e-comm capabilities
go-think-recipes Access recipes, meal plans & nutritional content

Value For Retailer

Loyalty programs Seamlessly integrates promotions, loyalty & third-party applications
Robust CMS tool CMS tool to internally manage site style & content
API stack connects Robust admin to manage targeted promotions & themed content “collections”
Online shopping API stack connects to retailer systems for real-time offer loads & data presentment
Analyze and track SKU-based platform enhances UX and facilitates seamless e-commerce
go-think-dashboard Dashboards and reporting on key digital metrics, user activity and promotion performance



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