Relationshop®️ is leading the industry with technology, solutions and strategies to help you personally connect with all your shoppers. We are a passionate, technology-driven, marketing team with deep experience inside retail.






Robust, Actionable Analytics

Relationshop®️ has partnered with ManthanTM, a worldwide leader in analytics, to bring you the most advanced, actionable, analytics solution on the market today. Bringing all of your customer data together so you have easy access and insights around shopper behavior.

Personalized Promotions

Engage shoppers across channels with personalized email and targeted direct mail to reach current and potential shoppers. With the Relationshop®️ proprietary, personalized promotions system, delivering personalized, targeted, relevant offers are easy and highly effective.

Web & Mobile
Engagement Platform

Deliver a dynamically relevant and personalized customer shopping experience with a fully integrated, responsive website and mobile app.

Professional Services

The Relationshop® team has deep, inside-experience within grocery chains that enables us to quickly understand your unique business challenges and guide you through design and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for personalizing the digital customer experience.

Support Services

Relationshop® offers a variety of essential support services to support your shifting strategies and demands.

  • Creative
  • Ad Production & Planning
  • Digital Asset Management

Relationshop®️ is different - by design. Our team of retail experts has designed one of the only, seamlessly integrated, personalized shopper platforms on the market today. We started in retail and understand that internal marketing teams don’t have the time needed to manage countless, disconnected applications. Our unified platform delivers 1:1 personalized communications powered by one of the most robust customer analytics systems available today.

We have an unwavering commitment to excellence and are dedicated every day to helping solve retail’s toughest marketing challenges. We are creative entrepreneurs that are not looking for investors to help us solve today’s toughest challenges. We’re in this for the long haul, just like you.

The Relationshop®️ Difference

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Relationshop®️ Difference

We'd Love To Share Ideas On How
We Can Help Your Business Grow!

Let's Start A Conversation!