Your Customers Expect it.
Relationshop Delivers It.

Consumers today expect a connected, curated and personalized digital experience that makes shopping more convenient & valuable.  Relationshop delivers.

» Personalized Offers

» Personalized Promotions

» My Weekly Circular

» Dynamic Shopping Lists & Cart

» Ecommerce Enabled

» Online Catering & Carryout

» Mobile Scan & Go

» Meal Planning

» Omni-channel Engagement

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Relationshop Integration

Unified Data Platform meets Unified Digital Platform

Our digital experience platform is powered by an aggregated cloud data warehouse, a robust operational infrastructure, advanced ML algorithms and dynamic rules logic. All tuned for scale and the dynamic delivery of product recommendations, contextualized content, targeted offers and personalized promotions across all your digital channels.  That’s our UDP.

Personalized Engagement

Modern, mobile-first design allows users to easily access what matters most.  AI-powered algorithms personalize weekly ad items, TPRs, offers, coupons and content just for “me”.

Relationshop Personalize Offers

Connected Commerce

No matter how your customers choose to shop and engage with your brand, Relationshop delivers a fully connected and real-time integrated omni-commerce, omni-channel and multi-device experience. Built for now and ready for what’s next.

Connected Commerce

Digital Loyalty

Relationshop’s digital loyalty solution includes multi-path, multi-device enrollment, real-time API integration with retailer POS and/or loyalty system, points and rewards tracking, personalized promotion and offer management. Personal dashboard provides each customer with real-time updates on all the ways they can engage, save and get rewarded. 

Relationshop Rewards Module

The Shopper Journey

Engage with your customers along the shopping Journey.

Relationshop Personalized Engagement Solutions

Relationshop Connected Commerce Solutions

Relationshop Digital Loyalty Solutions